Tracking Services

We have reviewed our services solutions to provide customers with a range of cost effective products from the budget Tramigo Track Plan to to the high-end fully loaded Tramigo Top Plan.  

The convenience of having your GPS tracker or mobile phone topped up with TTD $20 credit on a CariTrack picture of pressing return buttonmonthly basis with our Six Months Budget Top-Up plan is readily appreciated. No more hassle for six months to get your mobile phones or GPS trackers topped up.  This plan can be customized with any top-up value.  Your top-up receipt is emailed to you every month.

For those who want a *Free* Tramigo GPS tracker with the Six months Top-UP plan we are offering (while Stocks last) the Tramigo Track Plan.  The Plan cost $599: You get a Tramigo tracker installed with all SMS Smart Features (without immobilization) and 6 $20 top-ups.  We hope you will be statisfied with the Top-up service that you will renew for only $160.  You also get free vehicle recovery support during the 6 monts top-up plan.