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GPS Tracking, Security, Fleet and Asset Management Solutions

We have a variety of GPS tracking solutions that range from private car security to small business and enterprise solutions.
Tramigo ® from Finland (EU) has been our platform of choice since 2007: Innovation, Reliability, On-going Application & Product Support have watch words over the years.

Tramigo Track

This low cost economy Tramigo T23 Tmodel is now in stock. Get all the popular Tramigo features with this new model except for microphone (remote listening)
and external GPS antenna.  The tracker is small (100 X 60 X 21 mm) and easy to install.  

What sets our T23 trackers apart from other similar GPS devices are:

The Track unit sends its location information to you via SMS (text messages) or 2G Data (GPRS). The “ No Monthly Fee ” proposition works with SMS communication. All you have to do is to keep the pre-paid SIM in the tracker Topped-Up with credit.  The use of 2G data from your T23 device permits access to subscription services such as the  24/7 Live Web Tracking and/or the low cost E-mail Track service.

Tramigo GPS/GSM T23 Track unit

  • Special Tramigo landmarks for ease of use (e.g. 16K detailed Caritrack TLD for Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Advanced technology enables accurate GPS tracking and anti-jamming technology
  • Wide range of smart features to fit numerous applications from private to business
  • Full range of communication (SMS & 2G) and free software to satisfy your requirements
  • Full two year warranty to local purchasers
  • Excellent support from trained, competent and qualified professionals with experience in the Tramigo business since 2007
  • Consultancy services and training available for enterprise customers


Year 2: Bundled payment plan and subscription service 

Tramigo Pocket

The long awaited credit card size, light (49 grams) GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker is now available. This very small device (92 x 53 x 8 mm) has all the basic Tramigo features that our customers have grown accustomed to. Key features include the following:

Pocket GPS Tracker

  • Discrete, easy to carry or hide
  • Extra long battery life – remains operational for days without recharging
  • Attention button to alert in case of emergency
  • Preloaded with local landmark database for easy tracking
  • Automatic trip, speed and zone crossing reports
  • Customized location landmarks can be added: home, school, office, etc.

Tramigo T23

The Tramigo T23 Fleet tracker is our Flagship unit. It has all the functionality that a business, organization or enterprise would require to it's location based tracking and monitoring needs for security, fleet and/or  asset management:

Tramigo T23 Fleet GPS/GSM Tracker

  • Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.
  • Remote listen or handsfree audio with your control center at the push of a button.
  • Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
  • Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.
  • SOS button to send out vehicle location when in need of assistance.
  • Ignition detection and disabling (optional)
  • Speed reporting to eliminate bad driving habits.
  • GPS antijamming features to remove interference from up to 8 jammers.
  • Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled.
  • Idle alarm to detect running engines.
  • Multiple 1-Wire sensors such as Driver ID and temperature.
  • Analog sensors for example for fuel and voltage measurements.
  • Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.
  • Landmark data for easy location even when maps are unavailable.


Tramigo T23 Series Product Video

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